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 This doesn't sound right, but just maybe it is?

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CSR Newbie
CSR Newbie

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PostSubject: This doesn't sound right, but just maybe it is?   Sat Oct 23, 2010 11:11 am

Hi there, on some other Disney boards someone suggested you can take towels from your hotel pool to the water parks and then just drop them in the used towels there.

Avoiding the rental fee.

Hey, I'm all for saving a couple of bucks, but I'm also a rule follower and I'm not sure the towels are sourced back to the resorts or whatever. If this is common practice great! But if not, I don't want to cause trouble semi-'stealing' towels. LOL.

That said, if this is a no-no... anyone know how much towel rental is at the water parks? I keep hearing not much, but it is like 50 cents or more like $5/towel? I'm not dragging 3 towels on the plane with us!

How big are these towels? Are they the sheet style? We might even just get one or two and share them... Little girl doesn't take much to dry off! Also, lockers at the water parks (and other parks for that matter) do you have in and out priveleges or do you pay each time you access the locker? And is it like strollers? Can you transfer the rental between parks??

Thanks! TWO more sleeps!!!!! party halloween
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Nado's #1 Fan!

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PostSubject: Re: This doesn't sound right, but just maybe it is?   Sat Oct 23, 2010 12:52 pm

I believe they are all the same towels that the pools use but I can't believe it is okay to bring them from the resort. If that was the case, they wouldn't charge you at the water parks. You can always ask at check-in.

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This doesn't sound right, but just maybe it is?
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