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 Spring Training at ESPN WWS

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PostSubject: Spring Training at ESPN WWS   Mon Jan 30, 2012 12:46 am

Hello Sports Fans!

My husband loves the Toronto Blue Jays and we have just discovered that they're playing the Atlanta Braves during the week we are planning to be in Disney. The game is scheduled for 1:05 on Sunday afternoon. How lucky is he? :-)

We're staying at CS (of course!) and he's more than happy to attend the game on his own while my daughter and I amuse ourselves in one of the parks.

So, can anyone confirm/answer the following?

1) Should he order a ticket ahead of time and can we do this on our own or it is better to do it through Disney? Would it be okay to wait until we got onsite? We're arriving on the 6th and the game is on the 11th.

2) Can he use the Disney transportation to get to the sports park? We're not renting a car since we're staying on site.

3) We have breakfast reservations around 9:00 AM at the Contemporary - The Wave on the day of the game. Any body have an idea about how long it'll take him to get to the sports park from there?

4) Any other tips he should know about to maximize this opportunity?

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Spring Training at ESPN WWS
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