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 Adding people to your ADR?

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PostSubject: Adding people to your ADR?   Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:09 pm

Is this even possible? I hate to mess with my online reservations in case it screws them up. My brother and his family told us on Thanksgiving that they got airline TIXS to go to Orlando but no other reservations. Coincidentally our trips overlap. I tell my brother the pros/cons of staying on site and current free dining deal. I warn him time was limited and to make reservations now. I even go so far to send him an email outlining different options and cost. Again warn him to book within a week or so. Of course I wasted my time...he calls yesterday to say they don't have a room and "shocker" free dining is no longer available. Then he wants my help all over again.

We plan our days and ADRs as soon as we book. I'm not looking to change our plans. Of course I want to do stuff with them so looking to see if we can add them to our current reservations. They are a party of 6 which means our group would be 10. Any ideas? Anyone ever done this? I could wring my flaky brothers neck right now. His wife is even worse, sent me an email saying how much she was looking forward to our boys going on rides together! Ugh!
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PostSubject: Re: Adding people to your ADR?   Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:30 pm

I doubt you would be able to get 6 added to your reservation. They never guarantee that all 10 would be together anyways. They usually tell you there is a chance of splitting up. you could call to see if they even have open adr's for 6 and make a new reservation and when you check in, ask if you get get two tables together.

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Adding people to your ADR?
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