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 International Migratroy Bird Day at Animal Kingdom

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PostSubject: International Migratroy Bird Day at Animal Kingdom   Wed May 09, 2012 12:45 pm

Highlights of our International Migratory Bird Day celebration (May 12), where guests can be “honorary birds” for the day:

Main Entrance (9am – 1pm): Guests receive their bird band and a bookmark with the locations of the other “banding” sta­tions in the park
Oasis (9am – 1pm) What is your feather color?: Guests can have their plumage (clothing) recorded.
Tree of Life (9am – 3pm) What is your leg length?: Guests will have their leg length measured and recorded.
Asia (9am – 3pm) What is your wing span?: Guests will have their arm length measured and recorded.
Africa (9am – 3pm) What is your height?: Chil­dren will have their height measured and recorded.
Rafiki’s Planet Watch (9am – 5pm) Operation Migration exhibit and a variety of other special activities
Upcoming 2012 wildlife conservation events at Disney’s Animal Kingdom (as always, dates subject to change):

May 23: World Turtle Day
June 6: Pollinator Day
August: Cotton-Top Tamarin Month
Sept. 5: International Vulture Awareness Day
Sept. 26: Elephant Awareness Day
Oct. 31: Bat Day

Visit this link to find answers to some of CSR's FAQ.
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International Migratroy Bird Day at Animal Kingdom
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