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 NextGen and the Keyless Entry

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PostSubject: NextGen and the Keyless Entry    Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:59 am

Disney's Art of Animation Resort opened last month making technological strides for Disney's guests in both function and service. One of the most remarked upon feature was the new RFID based, keyless entry to the hotel rooms and suites.

According to the Orlando Sentinel "Disney has set an aggressive schedule to retrofit all of its existing hotels with the keyless locks " approximately 26,000 hotel rooms and time-share suites in all. [Kevin] Myers [WDW Vice President of Resort Operations] said he expects installation to begin in June [2012] with Disney's Contemporary Resort and to be complete at all Disney World properties by the end of next year [2013]."

This retro fit marks the beginning of bringing the NextGen project right to the guests. Once all Disney Resort Guests are chipped... the Parks can move forward with some of the more exciting possibilities of the technology.

What do you think of the the new keyless entry and how it paves the way for the NextGen project? Are you looking forward to the possibilities this RFID technology can bring? I honestly don't know what I feel about it.

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NextGen and the Keyless Entry
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