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 New Fantasyland to feature 'D-Zones'

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PostSubject: New Fantasyland to feature 'D-Zones'   Fri Sep 28, 2012 1:51 pm

Everything we have seen so far in Storybook Circus tells us that Walt Disney Imagineering have clearly paid a lot of attention to guest behavior in the old Fantasyland, and how things can be made better for the new Fantasyland. So far we have seen the indoor air-conditioned Dumbo queue, FASTPASS for most attractions, shade trees, wider walkways, and lots of wall-seating throughout Storybook Circus.

It seems though that Disney are not quite done yet, and have another trick up their sleeve. The third Big Top in Storybook Circus (the yellow one), along with the new restroom area being built in the former skyway station area, is expected to feature something known as a 'D-Zone'. These areas are designed to allow people to relax, take a seat, and to have access to things like phone and ECV charging stations.

These new additions, along with everything that Disney builds in as 'standard', are going to even greater lengths to take guest comfort and convenience to a higher level.


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New Fantasyland to feature 'D-Zones'
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