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 Dining from the csr

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CSR Newbie

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PostSubject: Dining from the csr   Thu Jan 10, 2013 3:12 pm

hi all
So we are now about 150 days out from our visit in June. We are going to the parks 4 of the 7 days we will be there. This gives us flexibility for what days we can hit the parks. Of course, that means that we would have to go to a park restaurant the day we hit that park.
How easy is it to get to the other resorts from csr to go to dinner?
Downtown disney?
Any places you would recommend for sure? We are not looking to dress up and will have a 5 year old and 11 month old with us. We like all food but do not want anything crazy expensive. I am looking at all the places as well, curious what people suggest.

thanks Smile
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Nado's #1 Fan!

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PostSubject: Re: Dining from the csr   Thu Jan 10, 2013 4:26 pm

It's semi difficult to travel between resorts. You have to go a park nearest the resort you are going to and transfer their resort bus, boat or monorail. I like to use cabs because its relatively inexpensive.

Via Napoli is a nice family style restaurant
Be Our Guest
Plaza Restaurant
Sci Fi (can be kinda scary)
Mama Melrose
Maya Grill at the resort

Downtown Disney is a 20 min trip to get there but shorter on the return because its a more direct route.

Visit this link to find answers to some of CSR's FAQ.
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Dining from the csr
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