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 Magic Band, FP+, and MDE review

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CSR Regular

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PostSubject: Magic Band, FP+, and MDE review   Mon Feb 17, 2014 5:00 pm

Hi all! I wanted to share my thoughts and experience with the new system for the group here at Buzz's Forum. I planned to do this when we got back, but better late than never!

Our trip was this past Dec 12th-24th. We were able to access FP+ and customize MB at about 58 days out. I generally use the EasyWDW crowd calendar to plan which park we will goto and make ADR's. Our ADR's were made at the allowed 180 day mark, so I then made FP+ reservations to line up with our planned ADR's. This trip was just the wife and I, so we planned to sleep in a little and enjoy things at a leisurely pace. FP+ worked great for this as I was able to book all of them mid- late afternoon. So we were able to ride all our favourites at the busiest time of the day!

They don't as of yet ship MB's to Canada so although we were able to customize them they were waiting for us at check-in. We did online checkin and this worked out well for us. Our MB's and folder was ready when we arrived. During checkin the CM did something to test our MB's to make sure they were working. She discovered my wife's had a problem. Between her and a supervisor it took about 10-15 mins to fix the problem. This may have seemed like a nuisance to some, but they wanted to save of the trouble of coming back and make sure it was working before we left. We appreciated the good service.

My MB worked flawlessly the entire trip. My wife's did have some minor glitches which took the first couple days to fix. I'm going to detail the issues we had not to complain, but to show others reading this how excellent the CMs service was in accommodating us and how to get your own issues solved if you have any problems. My wife's MB worked fine to access our room, the Business Class lounge, room charges, and for park entry right from the start. The issues were with FP+ and the Dining Plan. Day 1 our first FP was for the Safari at AK. My MB scanned fine, but my wife's wouldn't work. A CM with and iPad came over, he was able to scan the MB with his device and see all our FP+ reservations. He took down the number off the MB and said he would try to get it fixed in their system. They then green lighted her and let us in the FP line. At our next FP reservation the same thing happened, mine worked, hers didn't. Seeing that we were together and mine worked fine the CM green lighted her MB and we were on our way very quickly. When we went to out first ADR we tried my wife's MB first to see what would happen, it didn't work, but mine worked fine.

As we had no issues getting things done we elected to not go to the front desk the first night and see if the CM from AK was able to fix the issues. Day two went the same as day one. The MB didn't work for FP+, but we had no issues getting on rides as mine worked and the CMs were very friendly and quick to help. Just so everyone understands how it works, there is a scanner at the FP line entry, when you put your MB up to it it turns green if you have a FP for the right time. There is another scanner at further up at the ride entry, you have to have scanned green at the first one for the second one to work. The CMs at the first scanner had the ability to override the system and make my wife's MB go green so it would work at the second scanner as well. I also witnessed people having similar problems showing a print out of their days FP reservations from MDE and they were let green lighted the same as us. If you don't bring a print out from home the concierge desk are able to print it for you.

At the end of day 2 I took my wife's MB to the concierge desk in the lobby at CSR and explained what was happening. My understanding is the she wiped the MB clean and completely reprogrammed it with the correct information. This took about 5 mins and it worked fine the rest of the trip.

I often see online complaints about rude or unhelpful CMs at resorts and parks, but our experience has been the opposite. We experienced excellent service at checkin all 4 of our WDW trips, 3 at CSR and 1 at CBR. At the concierge desk at CSR I have always been greeted by someone pleasant and willing to help. The CMs in the park this trip did an excellent job of pleasantly and quickly turning our minor issues into nothing more than an after thought. The MB issue had zero impact on our trip. I often wonder if the people complaining about horrible CMs or service has something to do with their attitude or how they carry themselves, because I so rarely experience something I consider bad service, especially at WDW.

The MB concept itself is great. You can lock up your passport, wallet, credit cards etc in the safe for the whole trip. You nothing in your pockets, just put on your MB. FP + is also great in our books. It's nice to be able to show up at the parks in the afternoon and still ride the headliners with no wait. We also had no issues changing around our FP+ times in the morning if we needed too. I used the iPad in our room for this with no issues.

Hope this helps everyone going soon, if I missed anything please feel free to ask and I'll try to answer!
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Nado's #1 Fan!

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PostSubject: Re: Magic Band, FP+, and MDE review   Mon Feb 17, 2014 10:43 pm

Thanks for sharing Scott. I can't wait to give the magicbands a try this November.

Visit this link to find answers to some of CSR's FAQ.
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CSR Specialist

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PostSubject: Re: Magic Band, FP+, and MDE review   Tue Feb 18, 2014 10:00 am

Great review- very detailed and explained a lot. We didn't have any issues with our bands, but also noticed very friendly and helpful CM's assisting other guests. I think people like you who are patient and nice to the CM's when trying to get problems resolved are going to get patient and nice CM's in return. I appreciate you sharing how you had issues resolved so we all know how to fix things in the future with ease.
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PostSubject: Re: Magic Band, FP+, and MDE review   

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Magic Band, FP+, and MDE review
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