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 Hunters plus one, plus dining, plus Cabanas 9B

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PostSubject: Hunters plus one, plus dining, plus Cabanas 9B   Wed Sep 17, 2014 9:38 pm

The Hunters have all recovered from our annual post vacation plagues, and I am now ready to write the novella that is my trip report.

The Folks:

Me...Momma, old
Hubster..Dad, older
The Child: Son, almost 13
Little one, almost 2

The Facts:

August 20-September 6
Southwest from Baltimore BWI to Orlando MCO

Both the hubby and I had off on August 28th, in order to pack our car to the point that it hurt to breathe out while we were driving to the airport. It has been well over 10 years since I have traveled with a toddler, and I was ill prepared for the sheer mass of equipment required to pull this off. We had a stroller strapped to the roof of the car, much to the hubster's chagrin.

Having procured the Little Guy the night before, we sent The Child to school and began packing and cleaning like crazy people. We had a 7 PM flight, and we were concerned about rush hour traffic to Baltimore, so we wanted to leave as soon as the Child was done school at 2 PM. The poor car chugged to the school on time, and we were on our way. We saw a car fire on the northbound side of 95 that had traffic  backed up for hours; we literally were approaching the car as it exploded. Very frightening, and I was concerned it was a bad omen. The rest of the ride was uneventful, but the Express lot that we love at BWI was CLOSED, so we had to park in the Daily Lot. This was NOT fun for us, as we had to lug 6 checked bags and all our carry on luggage to the terminal, but we made it. We got checked in, had some dinner, and waited for our flight, which was delayed. We were flirting with having to get our own bags, and I was getting concerned. Our plane finally showed up, and The Little Guy was amazed!

" />

Once we got on the plane, the flight was uneventful, and the Little Guy, who had been so excited, slept the entire flight.

" />

When we landed at 9:45, we gathered our carry ons, and headed for the DME counter. We scanned our Magic Bands for the first time, and were loaded on a bus all by ourselves. We were then unloaded and put on another very crowded bus, but we headed out as soon as we were settled. There is a new video on the bus, and there were lots of cartoons that followed. Both boys were awake and VERY excited to be headed to CSR. We arrived, headed for the check in line, and found that two of our requests had been granted...we had a first floor room, and we would not have to change rooms with our split reservation. We headed out to our room, 9500, after a quick stop at Rix for our refillable mugs and some gelato. Here, we realized that Rix no longer has any hot food....the service window is now closed and holds row after row of refillable mugs!!! NOOOOO!!!! Hubster and I were both hoping for meatball subs, but we were brutally rebuffed. I headed to the room to begin unpacking and get Little Guy to bed, and hubster got our mugs filled and caught up. When I got to the room, no crib. One quick call, and five minutes later, two CMs brought and set up the crib, and we were settled in for the night, until our bags were delivered at 3 AM. Afew more hours sleep, and we would be headed to DHS for our Sci-Fi, our first day tradition.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunters plus one, plus dining, plus Cabanas 9B   Wed Sep 17, 2014 9:54 pm

3AM? Couldn't they wait till morning.

Visit this link to find answers to some of CSR's FAQ.
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Hunters plus one, plus dining, plus Cabanas 9B
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