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 Summer at WDW

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PostSubject: Summer at WDW   Mon Jun 21, 2010 4:35 pm

Summer has arrived at WDW. What this means is that we have humid mornings in the mid-80,s, with the humidity dropping as the temp rises to the early-mid 90's around noon. In the early evening there will most likely be an hour of lightning, thunder (pools and water features and fireworks will close if lightning is with 10 miles) and monsoon rain. Then the evening will calm down and be a bit cooler. This will last through September as our normal weather pattern. Fronts and tropical depressions can alter this pattern.

Don't be dismayed by this....just plan around it. Right now it is 3:30 pm and there is a beautiful blue sky outside and the maple trees are dancing gently in the breeze.

Water Parks......mornings! There is no refund for bad weather! At the parks, go inside someplace fun until the rain passes (and it usually does within an hour). It's a great tme for DisneyQuest! We have seldom had to cancel any parade or fireworks because WDW plans on this weather pattern. If you are planning a time to nap, 4:30 or 5:00 is a good time to plan around.

I know that the forecasters are calling for a very busy hurricane season. I never ignore that possibility; but we have not had a hurricane at wdw for 5 years and that last batch was the first in around 40 years. But when hurricanes do threaten Miami, etc., all of those people come to WDW to be safe. In the last real hurricanes that came through Kissimmee, WDW lost a few trees and no guests. The reason our resorts are so safe is the same reason that cell phone service is so bad.......reinforced concrete shells or steel framing are the basis for all of WDW buildings (including Mount Everest and the Tree of Life).
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PostSubject: Re: Summer at WDW   Mon Jun 21, 2010 7:08 pm

I was in WDW a few weeks after hurricane season the year WDW was hit. We were so surprised that it weathered so well (I think only Small World was down due to the weather, or at least that's what we were told). Saw the downed trees. yikes.

in comparrison, Universal Studios seemed to have been hit harder, and they weren't even trying to hide the damage (the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park had seen better days).
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Summer at WDW
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